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Reiki Infused Products Available in Our Store

Reiki Pet Tags

Tags for your pet with ReiKi ReNew technology that provide fresh Reiki energy every day.

Health Support Pop Top Pods

Pocket sized Reiki infused crystal collections to support a variety of concerns available in a resin sealed pop top,

Reiki Infused Dead Sea Salt

Authentic Dead Sea Salt available in various sizes for topical use.  

Reiki Friends

A collection of stuffed animals with Reiki ReNew technology to provide fresh Reiki energy every day,

Blue Solar Water Bottles

Reiki Infused Cobalt Blue Solar Water Bottles with Reiki ReNew.  Use them to infuse Reiki into your water or set them in the sun to infused cobalt blue light into your water.

Chakra Candles

Reiki charged votive candles and tea lights.  Each candle is color and scent matched to support its associated chakra.

Reiki & Gemstone Infused Candles

Reiki charged candles with gemstones in the wax and Reiki ReNew. A variety of scent available in 8 ounce or 20 ounce sizes.

Tea Light Holders

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt and Selenite tea light holders.  Perect for use with our Chakra Candles.

Wellness Baskets

Choose from a premade or make your own custom wellness basket.  Several sizes are available and you can choose which Ruby Reiki Studio items are included in the basket.