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About ReiKi ReNew

Items that use Reiki ReNew:

Reiki Friends, Reiki Pet Tags, Ruby's Reiki Relaxer Candles, Ruby's Blue Solar Water Bottles,

Ruby's Health Support Pop Top Pods (PTPs), Ruby's Reiki Dead Sea Salts, Ruby's Reiki Mist

Reiki ReNew

Reiki ReNew is a Ruby Reiki Studio exclusive program that sends loving Reiki energy every day to items sold and branded by the Studio.

About the logo:

The Ruby Reiki Studio logo is a stylized heart combined with a portion of a powerful and sacred Reiki symbol.  The heart represents the pure love and power that is Reiki energy.  The Reiki ReNew logo is the Studio logo turned 90 degrees and mirrored 180 degrees to form a stylized infinity symbol representing infinite Reiki.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. Stress is the root of approximately 85% of all disease. Reducing stress and relaxing allows the body to to do what it is naturally designed to do - heal itself.

How Reiki ReNew Works

All Reiki ReNew items start by receiving Reiki in a session that takes place in a sacred space.  Reiki is channeled into the objects with an intention that the object hold and store the Reiki energy fr future use and that it continue to receive Reiki energy every day.  An intention is set that the Reiki released from the object will do the highest good for either the contents of the object or all that are within the field of the object.

All Reiki ReNew items have the Ruby Reiki Studio or Reiki ReNew logo on them and every day Reiki energy is sent to the logo during daily Reiki distance meditation sessions. 

Why Reiki ReNew Works

Einstein told us that everything that exisits, that all matter is simply energy.  Quantum Physics explains that energy is subject to quantum entanglement or, as Eiwnstein called it, "spooky action at a distance." Super simplified - Quantum entanglement is when one object can affect another object from the same source even at great distances instantaneously.  There is a special technique that allows Reiki energy to be sent across any distance.  Sessions can be given from any place in the universe to any other place in the universe.  The Reiki ReNew process uses the heart logo to focus the loving and healing Reiki energy from the practitioner to the objects on a daily basis.