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“This experience was so amazing! I felt so relaxed after my session! Ruby is genuinely a healer!” ~ Tessa

“Wow~! This experience was so enchanting. After my session I felt way calmer and peaceful like a smooth stone. It made me feel bright and strong. Plus, Ruby is so gentle and wonderful! ♥” – Isabella

“I wasn’t sure what this would be about or how well it would work. But I definitely felt very relaxed during and after, and felt very energized after. I was tense going in, and I was twitching a bit! But I could feel the warmth and relaxing effect of Reiki! Very glad to have done it! ” ~Kellie

“I felt extremely relaxed, and like my head and heart were cleared. Like a breath that can fill your lungs. As an anxious person – that’s rare. Thank you! ♥” ~Abigail

“Ruby was amazing. She completely relaxed me and I felt completely rejuvenated after… not easy to do after running an event for 2 days. Thank You!" ~Genna

“Invigorating and relaxing!" ~Kris

“Felt more relaxed after the session was over. It totally works!” ~Freddy

“This experience was amazing. Within the first few moments I felt a weight taken off me. I’d like to consider this a deeper state of meditation. After doing this I can’t see myself getting into simple meditation again. Thank you.” ~TJ

"I felt 'different' but different in a great way.  I can't explain exactly how.  More like heat/electricity.  Definately felt more focused afterward." ~Mike (EMT)

"The amazing sensations that I felt during my session were like a blessing.  I could feel tingling and positive energy being infused into me as my stress melted away.  Thank you Ruby for bringing some Zen to this event.  Many Blessings!" ~Maria

"Very Relaxing.  I went in feeling tight stressed and with multiple thoughts on my mind. When I left, I felt at ease and like I just went in for a massage.  She has a light touch that will calm your mind and body." ~Liz

"In only 10 minutes I felt much more relaxed.  Nice warm/soft hands drew stress out," ~Harvey

"Came with a very painful neck and shoulder.  I paint watercolors.  Definately feel better after 15 minute session." ~Rose